Door to Door

Door to door distribution is the main business we do. We know that everyone’s requirements are different, and we’re more than willing to bend over backwards to meet whatever your requirements might be. In general we have two different levels of door to door distribution service that we provide with our blanket service.


Most of our clients use our blanket door to door distribution service. Quite simply -

. Decide on which area you’d like to cover.

. We will put the information into our software program and send you over the maps and demographic breakdown to help you decide on the number of leaflets to be delivered.

. Once we know the numbers, we can get started on the design of your leaflets.

. When the design & printing is finished, which you can also provide.

. The teams will go out and distribute your leaflets to all the residents in your chosen area.

. When the door to door distribution is finished we send you a full report with the list of streets that were covered.

Shared Distribution

A very cost effective way to run your campaigns, a way to share the burden with other advertisers. We'll deliver your material with that of up to three other advertisers. We'll make sure that these items aren't conflicting, so we won't put you up against competition. Distribution start date on this service is normally in around 1-2 weeks. This timescale should only be used for guideline purposes which can differ time to time.

Solus Distribution

Solus is the most effective way of getting your message out. Your leaflet or other promotional material will be delivered on its own, not accompanied by any other materials.

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